Sequoia Sciences
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Company Profile

Sequoia Sciences, an emerging leader in drug discovery, utilizes proprietary chemistry procedures and innovative technologies. Through internal research programs and collaborations with other drug discovery companies, our goal is to significantly increase the discovery rate of novel, drug-like compounds. On the basis of our current successes, we estimate that our rate of discovery of compounds with novel chemical structures will exceed 100 compounds annually.

Sequoia’s proprietary methods and technologies are focused in the following areas:

1.      Producing libraries of novel chemical compounds

2.      Applying our advanced chemistry technologies for innovative uses

3.   Discovering novel antibacterial compounds

Libraries of Novel Chemical Compounds

We produce libraries of structurally diverse compounds that have been isolated from plants and that exhibit a wide range of pharmacological activities.  The proprietary design of our libraries allows compounds from natural products to be screened at optimal HTS concentrations.  Once compounds with biological activities are discovered, we rapidly isolate and elucidate the chemical structures of these potential leads by using state-of-the-art NMR technologies.

Advanced Chemistry Technologies

Our integrated technology platform consists of parallel purification systems with multiple detection methods, state-of-the-art NMR probes and a chemotaxonomic informatics program.  When these highly advanced purification and characterization technologies are combined with the proprietary design of our compound library, the productivity of drug discovery increases dramatically.


Novel Antibacterial Compounds

As a result of our internal antibacterial program, we have discovered numerous synthetically accessible, novel compounds.