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Sequoia's Compound Libraries for Drug Discovery

Our novel libraries for drug discovery contain plant-derived compounds that are structurally diverse and that possess a wide range of potential pharmacological activities. The proprietary design of our libraries allows the screening of plant compounds at optimal HTS concentrations without non-drug-like interferences and facilitates the rapid identification of potential leads. The process we use to produce our libraries is covered by US patent 7,367,933.

Drug-like compounds isolated from plants possess different scaffolds than compounds in rapidly synthesized libraries. These unique plant compounds are especially valuable for screening against biological targets that lack adequate leads or structure-activity information. Until now, screening these compounds within standard HTS parameters has been inaccessible because of the inherent limitations of existing methods and technologies. By integrating the most advanced purification and characterization technologies, we have overcome previous limitations and can meet the required compound purity and lead identification time that HTS demands.

We are seeking one or two strategic partners to support discovery research focused on identifying leads in oncology and central nervous system disorders utilizing our library of compounds isolated from plants. Based upon our record of identifying drug-like compounds from plants, we believe tremendous opportunities exist to discover neglected and novel scaffolds not present in synthetic libraries for these two therapeutic areas. We have the systems and technologies to rapidly generate spectroscopic data for structure determination, readily provide additional quantities of biologically active compounds and reliably obtain bulk quantities of plants.

For additional information about our compound libraries, please contact us.