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Gary R. Eldridge, Jr.
President and CEO

John H. Ferring, IV
Board Member

David B. Mueller
Board Member

Stephen M. Notestine Sr.
Board Member

William C. Rusnack
Board Member

Peter F. Drake, Ph.D.
Board Member

Stephen L. Trampe
Chairman of the Board

Gary Eldridge, President & CEO
Gary Eldridge has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Sequoia Sciences since its inception in 1999. He co-founded Sequoia based upon his market research of the use of natural products in modern drug discovery programs. Gary established strategic research collaborations with the Missouri Botanical Garden and Washington University. He negotiated research collaborations and service agreements with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. He co-developed and led the validation of the company's platform technologies including its library production processes, compound isolation strategies and procedures, and structure elucidation strategies. Gary leads the strategic direction of Sequoia and is currently managing the research and development activities of its antibacterial program. Before starting Sequoia, he worked as an analytical chemist within the pharmaceutical industry at Ligand Pharmaceuticals and Amylin Pharmaceuticals. Gary received a B.S. in Chemistry from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana.